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The Funen Village
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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

A village from Hans Christian Andersen's time

The Funen Village is a village from the time of Hans Christian Andersen.

Here you can experience how most people on Funen lived 200 years ago in a society full of changes that affected even quite ordinary people. 

Read more about a village from Hans Christian Andersen's time.

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Map of the Funen Village
Living History

Every day during the summer period you will be greeted by the members of Living History.

Dressed in period clothing they tell the story of how ordinary country people lived in Funen in the time of Hans Christian Andersen and liven up the village atmosphere as they go about their daily chores.

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Animals in the Funen Village
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The Funen Village Online

Discover the history of the Funen Village through the cultural landscape. 

All museum buildings in the Funen Village come from Funen and the surrounding islands. On the Historical Atlas website, you can see where the houses and farms were originally situated and you can read stories about them and their inhabitants in former times.

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The Funen Village - A village from the time of Hans Christian Andersen


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