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The Tinderbox
Hans Jensens Stræde 21
5000 Odense C

The Steadfast Tinsoldier

The Steadfast Tinsoldier is Hans Christian Andersens famous story of a brave tinsoldier who falls in love with a paper cut ballerina. Destiny takes him on an adventurous journey ...

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Visit the Art Studio
Exhibtion af drawings by children from Romania

Spring and summer 2015: A partnership has been made between Brasov County Liberary and The Childrens Culture House The Tinderbox. The Children and Youth Deparment at the Brasov liberary has since 2014 been named a Centre of Excellence, and the librarians makes a great effort to secure childrens acces to art and creativity.

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International Storytelling Days

18/8-20/8: Join us for three days of storytelling by four outstanding storytellers. In english. Free!



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