H.C. Andersen Museum

Explore a truly exceptional exhibition that offers a unique presentation of Andersen's life, words, images and possessions.

H.C. Andersen’s Birthplace

The greatest teller of fairytales was born in 1805 in a small yellow corner house in the poorest part of Odense.

H.C. Andersen’s Childhood Home

Andersen recalled his childhood with nostalgic pleasure. Come and sense the really special atmosphere of the poet's spirit in the childhood home.

Follow the footsteps

It is almost like walking alongside the great writer of fairytales when you follow the red, large-size footsteps.


At the culture-historical museum Møntergården, the old houses and picturesque courtyards look as they did in Andersen's age.

Children’s museum at Møntrgården

Children's Backyard: a miniature urban environment from the 19th century with hens, water pump, clothes to dress up in and other fun activities.

The Tinderbox

Children will love the new fantasy world, 'Elf Mound', based on Andersen's fairytales.

The Funen Village

Take a trip out to a village from the time of Hans Christian Andersen, where everyday life is as it was in a 19th century Funen rural environment.

Odense City
Carl Nielsen's Childhood Home

15 km south of Odense you will find the childhood home of the world-famous composer.

Media Museum

Explore the Danish Media Museum and the technological development that the media have undergone.



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