Field of responsibility

The aim of Odense City Museums for the archaeology department is to collect, register and select objects for conservation, and to disseminate the archaeological source material from the pre-history, early history and medieval period of Funen.

The archaeology department works with the history of Funen from the Palaeolithic Age up to and including the Viking Age. This involves responsibility for antiquarian work on Funen, except for the municipalities of Kerteminde, Munkebo, Langeskov, Ryslinge, Egebjerg, Gudme and Svendborg and those of Langeland and Ærø.
Traditionally, Odense City Museums has collected and registered the prehistory of all of Funen. This will continue to the extent appropriate and practically possible. As far as investigations carried out within a research context are concerned, the archaeology department of Odense City Museums has all of Funen as its work area. The department also works with Funen cultural history from the Middle Ages onwards when it comes to the registration and collection of archaeological data. In addition, it is responsible for archaeological investigations of medieval settlements, etc. in the coastal towns of Bogense, Middelfart, Assens and Faaborg.

Excavation in the summer heat near Højby.
Fotograf: Mette S. Thomsen

Collection is partly in the form of regular assignments in connection with public and private construction work and partly as self-chosen research. When collecting, prioritisation and strategy a balance is sought with the already collected and registered source material, both locally on Funen and in a broader context. It has also been confirmed that the archaeological department of Odense City Museums from a Funen point of departure contributes to and participates in archaeological research in both national and international contexts.

When collecting and working on the collections, there is ongoing professional assessment of the state of preservation of the material and the need for conservation. Dissemination of the archaeological material from prehistory, early history and the medieval period as well as the research results deriving from this is carried out with the aid of exhibitions, words and images at both the popular and the scientific level. As in the past, Funen is 'only' a part of a larger world. For this reason, collaboration is given high priority - both internally and externally.




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