Thomas B. Thriges Gade - Brewery

Pipe line leading water to the well


Barrels were not only reused as latrines. In the excavation the archaeologist have found several wells, one of those where made of three barrels put on top of each other. In the bottom two pipelines leading water to the well. To prevent mud from getting into the well, the lowest barrel was covered with reeds.

The well was located in a courtyard belonging to a large half-timbered house in which archaeologists have found a large stock of partially germinated barley. Sprouted barley grain was a key ingredient in medieval brewing. It would therefore appear that there has been a brewery in the house.

The well has probably a part of the beer brewing because of the large amounts of water, needed for beer brewing.

Wellmade of barrels
Brewing beer takes a lot of water, in this case taken from a well made of barrels.


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