Thomas B. Thriges Gade Excavations - Jewelry

Gold cross - pendant, 14th century


It is not just animal bones and pottery that the archaeologists find throughout the excavation. There has also been a surprisingly amount of gold and silver. A great tribute to the skills of the medieval goldsmiths came with the finds of a gold cross and a garnet inlaid gold ring.

The gold cross is actually a cross bottony - with 3 spheres at the end of each arm - which dates back to the 14th century. It represents the religious connection between the monarchy and Christianity through the symbolisation of the Holy Trinity.

The other find - the garnet inlaid gold ring - dates back to the 13th century. The ring is beautifully crafted with a red garnet set in silver on top. Furthermore it has maintained its shape and although it has a very feminine look, it is unknown, whether it was used by a man or a woman, because both sexes wore rings in the Middle Ages. Very rich men would even wear them on the outer joints of their fingers to display wealth and power.

Golden ring
Golden ring with a granate stone, 13th Century.


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