Aims and area of responsibility

Odense City Museums, including the Hans Christian Andersen/Carl Nielsen unit, is responsible for collecting and registering artefacts as well as for research and for the dissemination of knowledge relating to the composer Carl Nielsen and his wife, the sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen.
The aims of the unit are to document the life and work of these two artists and to promote greater public understanding and awareness of them. These are achieved by means of two forms of activity: a) studies and research and b) educational information and exhibitions.

Work area

The unit includes two museums, The Carl Nielsen Museum, annexed to Odense Concert Hall, and Carl Nielsen's Childhood Home at Nr. Lyndelse (south of Odense).

The Carl Nielsen collections comprise artefacts and documents, including scores, letters, notes, honours, etc. as well as personal property (the couple's effects in the form of furniture, paintings, received gifts, etc.), which document the working life of the married couple both as professional artists and as private individuals.

In addition, the collections include numerous works and sketches by Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen as well as works of art by a considerable number of other, mainly Danish, artists with connections to the couple. The museum attaches great importance to securing and preserving material – scores, manuscripts, sketches, etc. – that reflect the creative production of both artists. Furthermore, it seeks to acquire letters to and from both of them as well as objects from their home.

The theme of the Childhood Home is the family, social and musical background of the Carl Nielsen’s in the area around Nr. Lyndelse and Nr. Søby in Central Funen.

Informational activities are directed both at a Danish and at an international audience and, apart from the permanent exhibitions, comprise a number of initiatives intended to underline the significance Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen have had – and continue to have – for Danish music, art and culture. This is often in the form of events such as lectures and concerts. Special attention is paid to presenting the history of art, music and culture to children and young people. The museum also has a travelling exhibition 'Carl Nielsen - Music is Life'. In addition, the museum promotes awareness and understanding of the composer's works by issuing books and CDs, and this makes the museum shop an integral part of its activities. 

Odense City Museums has decided to devote greater attention to the Carl Nielsen unit in preparation for the composer’s 150th anniversary in 2015. Consequently, a new exhibition at The Carl Nielsen Museum is being prepared, which will effect improvements to the museum's operating conditions.

The department is happy to answer any queries. Please contact:

Curator Ida-Marie Vorre
Tel. +45 65 51 46 56



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