At Møntergården and in The Funen Village you can experience different historical exhibitions. Some of these exhibitions can also be visited from your own home.

The Funen Village Online
On the website 'The Funen Village Online' you can visit the farms and houses in the Village without even leaving your own home. Here you can learn about the origin and history of the buildings, about the people who once occupied them, about the gardens and many other things.
Visit The Funen Village Online  at the Historical Atlas website.

History of the Funen villages
MODERN TIMES? Funen Rural Communities in the 19th Century ist an exhibition about 19th century Funen. The exhibition describes how the age-old, low-tech, undemocratic peasant community came to an end and how a democratic, liberal and technically developed modern society - by and large as we know it today - came into being.
See the exhibition in the Funen Village.

Odense in the Middle Ages
Life of the City - Odense in the medieval and Renaissance deals with the 'golden age' of Odense's history. Here the history of Odense is presented, from its beginnings in the late 10th century until 1660. This was a period when Odense developed into a prosperous city that was a portal to Europe.

Read more about the Life of the City or visit the exhibition at Møntergården.

MODERN TIMES? Funen Rural Communities in the 19th Century


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