Historical Collections

The historical collections at Odense City Museum are large and wide-ranging. There is a total of nearly 55,000 artefacts, approx. 20,000 coins and medals and, at an estimate, three quarters of a million images.

The fact that the historical collections are so varied is due to the historical development of the museums.

  • Areas of responsibility and activity are comprehensive, and have changed over the years,
  • Society's view of history has altered, 
  • Changing interests of the staff has an influence, and
  • The economic possibilities of the museum have also played a certain role.

Some areas are rich in artefacts, others less well represented. Certain areas are not represented at all as yet.

Odense City Arms

Two museums deal with historical artefacts:
Møntergården is a local museum of cultural history. The museum illustrates historical conditions in Odense and the surrounding area. So in principle the museum staff collect artefacts that illustrate the most important aspects of history as well as the basic physical development of the city; population development, trade and industry, social, political, educational, religious and military aspects of history.

The Funen Village is an open air museum, a specialised museum of cultural history, whose setting is a number of collected reconstructed buildings. The Funen Village is a museum for Funen farmbuildings and agricultural history. The soil is cultivated as in the 19th century, the interiors of the houses are from the 19th century, the animals are of old Danish breeds worthy of preservation, fences and landscapes are typical of Funen, the fruits and vegetables in the gardens are of old kinds etc.

Today, the museums fulfil their obligations via a number of choices made in connection with collection work. This is based on a knowledge of which areas are well or less well covered by present collections. There is a preference for whole categories of artefacts and, not least, artefacts that will be able to be used in future coordinated dissemination of the history of the city and of Funen.



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