Storing at Odense City Museums

The Conservation Department is responsible for the practical management of the museums' collections in storage

Conservation of Anne Marie Carl Nielsen's works

At The Carl Nielsen Museum there is a total of 200 wax figures, which are sketches for larger figures and monuments.

The figures have been made of bee's wax and were in a very bad condition untill the conservators of Odense City Museum was granted funding from The Heritage Agency of Denmark.

Read more about the wax figures here.

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Culture-historical conservation

The Conservation Department is responsible for the conservation of all the culture-historical objects gathered in by the historians and archaeologists.

Conservation of Hans Christian Andersen's manuscripts

In the last four years the conservators of Odense City Museums has been working on saving Hans Christian Andersens ink-corroded manuscripts and letters.

The work on the damaged manuscripts has been funded by The Heritage Agency of Denmark and is now almost to an end.

Read more about the project here.

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