Animals in the Funen Village

Animals were inevitable a part of life in the 19th century. And also here in the Funen Village the noisy, smelling pigs, cows and horses are contributing to the atmosphere of village life.

Approximately 50 animals live in the Funen Village. That is roughly the same as the livestock of a medium sized farm in the mid-19th century, though we have a little too many pigs, and a little too few horses and cows for this comparison to be correct.

Most of the animals live in the stables and stalls of the Vicarage, but during the summer they are to be seen in the Village's pens and pastures.

Historic breeds of animals
Most of the domestic animals in the Funen Village are of old breeds that are worthy of preservation, and the Funen Village are thus taking part in preserving and communicating the history of the historic breeds of animals.

Our horses are of the old Danish breed 'Frederiksborg', which is one of the oldest breeds in the world (known from the late 16th century).
Most of the cows in the Funen Village are milking cows of the RDM-breed, dated from 1878.

When you visit the Funen Village you will also meet pigs, sheep, goats, fowls, ducks and geese - of the breeds you would find in a funen farm in the 19th century.



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