Living History

Living History in the Funen Village makes the past come alive.

Every day during the summer period you will be greeted by the members of Living History. They tell the story of how ordinary country people lived in Funen in the 19th century and liven up the village atmosphere as they go about their daily chores in peasant costumes.

You can meet the master of the household, the mistress, the farmhand or the young girl in their everyday doings. The cow is being milked, the field is being ploughed, and the home-made yarn is being dyed. The women are washing and baking bread. And in shady corner you'll find the retired old lady with her piece of knitting.

The activities take place at various locations in the Village, but are usually connected to the Skamby-Torup Farm, which is the 'Activity Farm' of the Funen Village. Here you can watch - or try your hand at - old artisan trades and handicrafts.



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