Modern Times - exhibition

Visit the exhibition "MODERN TIMES? Rural Society on Funen in the 19th Century" in the Visitor’s Centre in the Funen Village

Life in Funen's villages underwent rapid change in the 19th century.
Autocracy was replaced by democracy. The almost self-sufficient agricultural society was influenced by industry and markets. Agriculture went from being heavily influenced by natural conditions to exerting a strong influence over nature. Copyholders turned into farm owners. Tradition was replaced by education and new knowledge.

Like the Funen Village itself, the exhibition Modern Times? is about life and community in the time of upheaval, between past and present, when ancient traditions met new ideas and influences. Was it an old-fashioned society or an expression of modern times?

The exhibition is divided into seven themes:

The Funen Nature


Rural Architecture





The exhibition Modern Times? in the Visitor's Centre in the Funen Village.


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