Rural architecture

Rural architecture

The rural architecture in Funen changed significantly in the 19th century. Traditionally half timbered houses were built in local materials - oak wood, pine wood, clay and straw. Later on, new materials such as bricks, slate, roof tiles, and cement became of great importance in new constructions. In this section you can see examples of old and new materials and ideas in 19th century rural architecture.

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19th century house from North Funen that combines the most important methods under one roof. Timber-framed shell and a (slightly newer?) brick-built gable. Like the timber frame, the gable is built on ground sills. The roof is made of asbestos cement, but was probably either thatched with straw or roofed with cement roof tiles originally. Note the greyer shade of the bottom panels (wall surfaces within the timber frame). It was customary in several parts of the Region to limewash the upper panels white and the lower panels yellow.





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