Eating facilities

You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks into The Funen Village.

At "Summerhouse from Riisingsminde" (2) you can enjoy your food inside as well as outside. You can eat your own sandwiches inside "Smallholding from Lunge Bjerge" (21). In the apple orchard near "small farm from Melby" (10) there are several benches and tables. You will also find benches and tables inside the "brickworks from Bladstrup" (12). You are also welcome to eat your lunch outside "the rectory from Tommerup". (7) Please note that smoking is not allowed in The Funen Village.

At the Visitor's Centre you can buy ice creams, sweets and cold drinks. In the "smallholding from Lunge Bjerge" (21) you can buy sweets, hot and cold drinks.

Inside The Funen Village you find "Sortebro Kro", which boasts top-quality cuisine. Within walking distance from the Village you can visit Jensens Bøfhus (Jensen's Steakhouse). food).

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