The Media Museum has extensive collections covering the history of printed and electronic media in Denmark.

The history of graphics and Danish press history are particularly well covered. The collection currently consists of around 115,000 items, records, photos, films, etc., supplemented by a large research collection of newspapers and magazines, etc.

The museum's numerous and extensive collections include:

  • Denmark's largest collection of plates
  • Letter presses from c. 1800 onwards
  • Linotype machines
  • Bookbinders' tools and machinery
  • Hand bookbinding and industrial bookbinding
  • Graphic artist Austin Grandjean's collection
  • The historic collection of Danish broadsheet Politiken
  • Dansk Litograflaug's (the Danish lithography guild) collection of lithographs/lithography c. 1820-1880.
  • The collections of drawers and illustrators Des Asmussen, Aage Sikker Hansen and Arne Ungermann


Odense City Museums
Overgade 48
DK-5000 Odense C
Tel +45 6551 4601
CVR: 39156040
EAN: 5790002433825


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