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The Media Museum is currently closed.

The Media Museum opened as state-recognised specialist museum in 1984 under the name of Danmarks Grafiske Museum (Denmark's Graphic Museum) in newly refurbished premises in the former industrial buildings of Brandts Klædefabrik.

The museum focuses on the history of print and electronic media in Denmark. Through special exhibitions, basic exhibitions and new communication initiatives, you are given a vivid insight into the media and its development as well as a critical introduction to the role of the media in society and the technology used, past and present. The Media Museum does not provide a complete picture of Danish media history, but an overview with the help of important points in its history. This is done on the basis of research, relevant collection, registration and storage.

The Media Museum's extensive collection contains more than 100,000 items, including newspapers, magazines, ads, illustrations, press photos, printing machines, radios and televisions and much more.



Odense City Museums
Overgade 48
DK-5000 Odense C
Tel +45 6551 4601
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