Ejler Rønnow's House

Mestermand Mas: Rab: 1547 Sancte Georgii Dag ii Odense vor jeg opreest af ny Eler Rønø

is written over the gate facing Møntestræde. This information tells us that the construction of the building was completed by carpenter Mads Rab on the 23rd of April 1547 for nobleman Ejler Rønnov.

Rønnov was a royal prefect at Næsbyhoved and Sct. Hans Kloster in Odense among others; apart from this he also owned the estates of Hvidkilde and Fårevejle. Rønnov died in 1565, after which we lack historical sources for some time, although we know that merchants, shoemakers, tanners and innkeepers subsequently owned the building.

Between 1829 and 1899 the building contained a distillery. At that time it was in a poor state of repair and about to be demolished, but in 1900 the city of Odense bought it and in 1910 converted it into Funen's Folk Museum. It was moved to its present location in 1939.





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