Funen – at the centre of the universe

Funen – at the centre of the universe. A new exhibition at Møntergården about life on the island of Funen throughout the ages.
Koelbjerg Man
Skull found in a bog at Koelbjerg, c. 8000 BC and thus the oldest Dane we know of.
Fotograf: René Riis

The exhibition, 'Funen - at the centre of the universe', seeks to draw lines from Funen's first inhabitant, who lived 10,000 year ago, to the people of today. It tells the story of an island where conditions of nature, religion, wars, and global changes have formed the lives of its inhabitants. From the Ice Age to the Iron Age where Gudme was one of Denmark's richest towns, to the Dano-Swedish Wars, the governor period, and right up to the present, life on Funen has seen radical changes.

The exhibition outlines some of the events and people who have made their imprint on Funen and its particular identity. King Canute the Holy, the business man, Thomas B. Thrige, and Carl Nielsen, the composer, are just a few of the figures who have contributed to put Funen on the map. 'Funen - at the centre of the universe' provides an illuminating insight into the island of Funen and its people in a beautifully designed setting with hundreds of unique artefacts from the museum collections.


Visit the exhibition at Møntergården - for opening times, admission fees, and other practical details, click here.


billedmosaik.jpg Explore the museum exhibits
 Using the photomosaic, you can explore a
 selection of the artefacts from 'Funen - at
 the centre of the universe'. You can do a
 search on objects from a specific period or
 within a specific theme, and you can zoom
 in so that you can see the objects really
 close up - closer even than when they are
 behind glass in the exhibition showcases.
 Have fun!


Discover history through the cultural landscapeFyn - midt i verden på Historisk Atlas

All museum exhibits relate to Funen and its history. On the Historical Atlas website, you can see where the artefacts come from and read stories about them.
Historical Atlas is a digital atlas which presents local and regional history using old and new maps.

Visit Historical Atlas here.




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