Thrige Power Station

See the exhibition about Thomas B. Thriges life and work in Odense and experience when the Diesel Group starts the big diesel engine.

HIGH VOLTAGE! Thomas B. Thrige, the company and the power station

The diesel engine at Thriges Power Station operates on fixed opening days the first Saturday of the month. Experience when the Diesel Group starts the machine and see the exhibition "HIGH SPEED! Thomas B. Thrige, the company and the Power Center" about Thomas B. Thriges life and work in Odense.
Thriges Power Station was built in 1916 by Thomas B. Thrige. Thriges Power Station is a well-preserved industrial building of national importance. The power plant was the heart of Thriges large factory complex. A large diesel engine and two steam turbines supplied electricity and heat to the entire plant - and power to the Skibhus Quarter.

After the capital, Odense was the most important industrial city in Denmark. Odense's industrialization began with the first factories in the mid 1800s. In the industrialist's glamor period 1870-1970, half of the city's population worked in industry and crafts.

Industrial society began to wind off in the 1970s, but in many places in Odense, conservationists still remember this important chapter in the history of the city.

The power plant was conserved in 2005 and contains a rare intact interior from the childhood of electrical engineering. In September 2007, Thomas B. Thriges Fond, the owner of the property, Construction Company Olav de Linde and Odense City Museum, entered into a cooperation agreement that ensured restoration of the power plant which had become due at the time. At the same time, the dissemination of Thomas B. Thriges and the power plant's important national and local industrial history was on the agenda.

Odense City Museums collaborate with a number of volunteer 'motorists' from the 'Diesel Group', which ensures that the machine is running. Construction company Olav de Linde owns the building. Thomas B. Thriges Fund has financed the preparation of the machine, the appearance of the exhibition and the renovation of the building, thereby making the Thriges Power Station a vibrant facet of Odense's history.

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Thrige Power Station Buchwaldsgade 33 5000 Odense C

Opening hours Thriges Power Station is open the first Saturday at. 10.00 - 12.00 each month (except January and July) Free admission

At. 10.05 Guided tour by an employee from Odense City Museums. At. 10.30 - approx. 10.45 The diesel group starts from the big 500-horse diesel engine. At. 11.30 Guided tour by an employee from Odense City Museums.


Guided tours for groups 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month (for schools, educational institutions, associations, etc.) A tour of the Thriges Power Station is offered, for example. school classes working with local history or industrial history. An insight is given to Odense's industrialization exemplified by Thomas B. Thriges industrial empire. The tour provides information on industrial history, Thrige as a person and as a company. In addition, you get knowledge of how the power plant worked. It is shown around the power station itself and the associated exhibition High Voltage!

Tournaments take place on the 1st and 3rd of the month in the period at. 9 - 15. Two types of events can be booked at the Power Station:

1) Tour of 45 min. duration. 550 kr.

2) Tour of 45 min. duration and start of the machine at the Diesel Group. Duration max. 2 hours. Price 550 kr. + 600 kr.

Call and hear more about times.
The tours can be ordered at Odense City's museums on phone 65 51 46 01 or



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