The Historical Development of Odense City Museums

Odense City Museums (OCM) emerged in the year 1860 where the first museum initiative was established on Odense Castle under the name "Nordisk Museum i Odense".

Odense Castle, 1860

In 1885 the collections were moved to the newly established museum in Jernbanegade. At that occasion the museum became local authority and got the name "Museum Civitatis Othinentis" (in everyday speech Odense City Museums). At that time the museum contained a mixed collection.

In 1904 the name was changed into Funen County Museum and during the building of the Hans Christian Andersen House (1905-08) and Funen County Museum, which opened in 1910, the entire museum system was designated Odense City Public Collections.

Museum Civitatis Othiniensis, 1885

In 1931 the Hans Christian Andersen Childhood Home joined and during the 1940's the Funen Village and Møntergården was established partly because of the at that time closed Funen County Museum. The designation of the museum system was changed in the 1950's into OCM. The zoological collection was permanently loaned to the Zoological Museum in Svendborg and the ethnographical collection was removed to a storage house.

Funen County Museum, 1939

The Carl Nielsen Childhood Home became a museum in 1956. On the basis of the art collection Funen Art Museum emerged. In 1988 the Carl Nielsen Museum was opened and during several years in the 80's and 90's the museum and cultural centre Hollufgård was established. Hollufgaard was closed for the public 31.12. 2003.




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