Odense City Museums deals with historical issues concerning the period from the end of Antiquity up to the present.

The History Department's efforts are based on the main theme of "The Topography and History of Funen", specifically in the following areas:

1. the topography and history of the City of Odense
2. the history of Funen agriculture, buildings and architecture
3. the history of Funen landscapes and settlements

It is important to regard the history of Odense and Funen in national and international perspectives, and high priority is given to collaborating with other museums and research institutes in Denmark and abroad. We also perceive an important aspect of our work to be working together with other public authorities.

The History Department dedeavours to expand the museum's collections, archives and book holdings pursuant to the scientific objectives, so that we are capable at all times of meeting research-related and communication-related requirements and needs.

The efforts are disseminated to the general public through exhibitions of objects, and through publications, lectures, guided urban walking tours and the Internet.

Senior Curator Anders Myrtue
Tel. 6551 4651 or 2115 4895



Odense City Museums
Overgade 48
DK-5000 Odense C
Tel +45 6551 4601
CVR: 39156040
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