Preservation is one of three units under the Operations Department that attend to the overall operation of Odense City Museums.

Preservation is responsible for the following:

- cleaning, preservation and site registration of newly received material within 
  the graphics, archaeological and cultural-historical areas for Odense City
  Museums, and for preservation efforts for Danmarks Mediemuseum (Danish
  Media Museum) and Fotomuseet (Museum of Photographic Art), Odense

- studies, methodology development and experiments involving new processing
  methods. Currently, efforts are being focused on ink-corroded papers of Hans
  Christian Andersen and on Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen's objects and works of art
  within the action area "Preservation of objects of unique national importance".

- proper preservation and storing af collections in exhibitions and at storage
  facilities through continuous climate monitoring (light, temperature and
  humidity factors).

- joint archives for Odense City Museums and the physical management of all
  lending projects.

In addition, the Preservation Department participates in setting up and taking down exhibitions and in a number of registration projects for Odense City

Head of Preservation Dorte Gramtorp
Tel. 6551 4680



Odense City Museums
Overgade 48
DK-5000 Odense C
Tel +45 6551 4601
CVR: 39156040
EAN: 5790002433825


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