Vision 2015

In 2015

- art and the Danish cultural heritage will be actively communicated to the public -
  in the town and the country,

- information, data and collections will be accessible on knowledge portals (atlas,
  e-museum, the universe, for example),

- a joint main museum will have been created at Møntergården,

- the foundation for an enlarged or new museum will have been put into a context,
  with the public sphere and web communication,

- there will be research, knowledge production and communication primarily in
  connection with national and international cooperation and networks,

- the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Carl Nielsen's birth will be celebrated
  nationally and internationally - with the point of departure in Odense.


In a few years the understanding of The Underlying History of the Present - time, place, objects and thoughts in perspective will be connected with Odense City Museums, irrespective of whether one visits the museums, is in the town or country or is exploring the Internet.






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