The Disappearing Body: Men and Fashion, 1750-2007

Special exhibition
02. June 2007 - 26. November 2007
For once, men are in the spotlight where fashion is concerned. On 2 June 2007, Funen Art Museum opens its doors on a new exhibition examining the relationship between visual arts and fashion over the last more than two and a half centuries.

The exhibition will feature contributions from Funen Art Museum's large collection of male portraits (paintings and sculptures) executed by important artists such as Vilhelm Bendz, H. A. Brendekilde, Harald Giersing, Constantin Hansen, Jens Juel, Vilhelm Lundstrøm, Julius Paulsen, Sigurd Swane, Kurt Trampedach and others.

We move from the Rococo era's idealised portraits of the nobility and the bourgeoisie, through the advent of Denmark's Golden Age and the emergence of modern art's paintings of the bourgeoisie and artists, up to modernism and the portraits of our age where lifelike depiction is gradually replaced in favour of artistic styles and expressiveness. The close relationship between fashion and the visual arts is manifested in the various exhibits of men's attire from the same periods. And the trends have headed in just one direction: the modern suit gradually diverts more and more attention away from the male body. Men's attire has become increasingly anonymous in the form of the suit to enable the wearer to easily blend in, in public and representational contexts. In other words, the male body gradually disappears - in fashion and art alike - to lead a discreet existence behind dark colours and loose-fitting cuts!

In addition to the museum's own works, the exhibition includes a painting by Peter Martensen, by kind permission of Kunstmuseet i Tønder, as well as outfits on loan by kind permission of The Old Town, the National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture; Kaufmann (Rosengårdcentret, Odense); Nordisk Kostume Kompagni; and Odense Theatre. The exhibit also includes clothing and historical fashion drawings from the Odense City Museums.




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