Hans Christian Andersen in 3D

Special exhibition
21. April 2009 - 19. August 2009
At the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, a special exhibition in the Memorial Hall shows sculptures and busts of Hans Christian Andersen.

Sketches, sculptures and busts

At the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, a special exhibition in the Memorial Hall shows sculptures and busts of Hans Christian Andersen as well as studies -also called sketches - for statues of the writer. Most of the works on display are contemporary with Andersen and come from the large collection at the museum. Many of them have spent most of their lives hidden away in museum storage, but after painstaking restoration they have now been brought out into the light.

More recent works and works borrowed from other collections have also found their way to the exhibition. This applies, for example, to a bust of Andersen by the major Russian sculptor Alexandr Nikolaevich Bourganov, created on the occasion of the bicentenary of the writer's birth in 2005 and subsequently donated to H.M. Queen Margrethe II. It also applies to our own sculptor and professor Bjørn Nørgaard, whose sketch for the Hans Christian Andersen statue on the square opposite the new railway station - inspired by one of the writer's papercuts - will also be on show in the Memorial Hall.

Bjørn Nørgaard's Hans Christian Andersen statue


Visit the Special exhibition at the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and discover a number of three-dimensional pictures of Hans Christian Andersen. The numerous varied renderings can be collected in three main groups, actually placed between the three doorways to the Memorial Hall.

The first group covers the busts of Hans Christian Andersen. The busts are sculptures in the shape of his head, neck and breast. In this exhibition, the busts are the earliest presentations of Hans Christian Andersen; made during his own lifetime and the poet himself sat for each of them.

The second group covers the drafts for the monument competition 1875 to 1877. This includes both large and small drafts in gypsum and in clay, portraying the poet at full length, often accompanied by children. Before he died, Hans Christian Andersen saw and commented on the first drafts, for which he had however not been sitting. The sculptors modelled on memory or after pictures of the poet.

The third and last group covers present sculptures and monuments drafts. This group includes several types of sculptures and materials. The sculptors have been both restrained and liberated by the fact that they were not contemporary with Hans Christian Andersen. Naturally they have had to picture him after other portraits of him, and they have had to relate to the myths of posterity - myths on the fairy tale writer as a man and as an artist.




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