Special exhibition
15. March 2011 - 29. May 2011
Take the unique chance to see the private collector, business leader and restaurateur Palle Skov Jensen's collection of international contemporary art in the exhibition EYE-OPENER at the Funen Art Museum. You will experience a bombardement of the senses in a structured, lively, sensual staging where the brand new art from the private collection is presented side by side with the historical works from the museum's own collection.

Udenfor og på scenen
2009. Oil on canvas, 336x267 cm.

Kunstner: Yue Minjun


EYE-OPENER is a spectacular parade of voluminous and international contemporary art from Palle Skov Jensen's private art collection and an innovative, up-to-date view of a number of works from the Funen Art Museum's collection. The aim of the combination of the works from the two collections is to open the eyes of the viewer to aesthetic and thematic links between the art of today and of earlier times, and between the private and the public collection. EYE-OPENER stimulates the mind's eye and the imagination and provides food for thought.

Palle Skov Jensens has a great passion for contemporary art, and he has a knack for collecting it. Private art collectors like him keep a close eye on the development of art and stay abreast of it at galleries, art fairs and salesrooms. The homes of private art collectors are typically chock-a-block with art from basement to loft, including not only paintings, drawings and sculptures, but also works in more recent media such as photography, video art and installations. The private art collectors are in a way privileged, since they are not accountable to anyone but themselves; they can choose spontaneously, whether with the head or the heart. The reality of the art museum is quite different. Once a work has been purchased for the collection, the museum has to observe the stipulations of the Museums Act, among other ways by ensuring the storage and preservation of the artwork forever. In that respect the art museum's collecting work is a quite different matter, we have to allow both for whether the work is worth preserving, and for the needs of the museum's special focus area. For example, part of the Funen Art Museum's focus area is Danish Romanticism and the Danish Golden Age, as well as concrete art, which was preoccupied with experiments with forms, colours and surfaces.

EYE-OPENER presents and explores with curiosity differences, similarities and connections between the two collections. The exhibition shows how contemporary art stands on the shoulders of and has deep roots in the history of art, and how the historical material can be actualized and given new life by contemporary art. EYE-OPENER makes demands on the visitor's whole sensory apparatus and challenges prejudices about obsolete, dusty art history on the one hand and complicated, incomprehensible contemporary art on the other.

2008.Oil on canvas. 260x180 cm.

Kunstner: Yang Shaobin

The exhibition is showing works by budding national and international stars and established superstars, and not least a parade of heavyweights and big names from the history of art.

From Palle Skov Jensen's collection we are showing among other things works by Georg Baselitz, Olaf Breuning, Gregory Crewdson, Jeanette Ehlers, Alicja Kwade, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Tony Oursler, Kirstine Roepstorff, Robert Rauschenberg, Yang Shaobin, Cindy Sherman, Andrew Sendor and Cornelius Völker.

From the Funen Art Museum's own collection we are showing among other things works by Gunnar Aagaard Andersen, H.A. Brendekilde, Viera Collaro, Harry Carlsson, Svend Dalsgaard, C.W. Eckersberg, Wilhelm Freddie, Poul Gernes, Harald Giersing, Johannes Hoffmann, Jens Juel, Vilhelm Lundstrøm, Kurt Trampedach, Bertel Thorvaldsen and P.C. Skovgaard.

In connection with the exhibition a generous and richly illustrated catalogue is being published. For visitors to the museum the catalogue is included in the ticket price. DKK 49,-


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